Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Hustle

Don’t be ashamed of your hustle, it doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is how you finish.

I used to sell second hand clothes from the boot of my car. I would travel to Durban, sleep in my car in South Beach ( I only had money for fuel and stock, i didn’t even have anybody to accompany me back then).

I sold second hand clothes like Jenni Button, Hilton Weiner, Vetigo, Guess, Uzzi, designer shoes etc. from my garage door. I would travel to various places in Cape Town looking for what i could sell in JHB.

I used to sell Inuka fragrances back then and i did dream of having my own range of products from them.

I used to sell second hand bags before JHB got saturated with many big China retail stores, they were still very few shops at the time i was pushing this hustle.

I used to sell human hair products from local suppliers and have knocked on several salons pushing this hustle.

I tried to be a make-up artist part time at Edgars and it never worked out for me.

My family back home sells yellow maize, even now when am home on holidays i sell maize and do deliveries to help my mother and we shall never stop farming.

I occasionally do live stock farming, and have a couple of stock i buy each and and every year ( this will always be part of me)

I used to import cars from Japan even to this day i still have a network of partners in Japan and its the first import business i did when i started my journey.

I rented cars to driving schools even before i could own my own driving school. The list goes on and on and on.

The truth is i learnt a lot of business lessons from my early stages of entrepreneurship and nobody can take those lessons away from me. Some of those lessons taught me rejection, disappointment and loses. I know selling is not easy, its a process but you have to get used to it and pay attention to the process ( i will share with you one day how you can be a better sales person)

So in essence I did not miraculously decided to do what am doing now, it took me time to test various industries to know how to position myself for big businesses.

Too many people want to start big businesses because they are shamed of starting small. They don’t want people to see them starting at the buttom. They think its beneath them.

The foundation of your success will be determined by how you started. Go and study about Sam Walton, how he started his retail business empire from the village in USA. We start at the bottom. that’s why Gary Vee talks a lot about his clouds and dirt kicks and moves.

He says; everybody wants to be sky high in clouds getting turnt….forgetting to realise the real joy is in the ground eating dirt.

Usain boilt is good but he is seasonal sprinter. We want long term success. It’s a marathon.

~ I don’t play to lose

By Carol Mhlauli
Founder/Group CEO: Masazie Holdings

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